Life: Living without a car - until further notice

Now that I have lived without a car for almost 11 months, I can say that it has been quite fun. I've used public transportation and my bike. I wanted to give my car away because I didn't use it so much that it would have been smart to keep it. I was already biking to school so it was quite easy decision and I wouldn't need to pay insurances and gas anymore (Yay!).

I have experienced ups and lows as carless person, but end of the day I'm happy with my decision. Most difficult has been that it's not fun to cycle in pouring rain or in -30 degree weather but then in the other hand it's good for your health and also it's nice to go and maybe stop somewhere (especially in the summer) and just enjoy the sea or take a break from the hectic world. I'm sure my carless life doesn't continue for rest of my life but until it ends I'm going to enjoy it.

Happy cycling!

#Carlesslife #Cycling #Ecofriendly #Ecolife

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