Decision to explore

After attending to a informational meeting in fall about exchange abroad, I've thought about it and decided to go for a adventure to Denmark.

Denmark - Copenhagen, Nyhavn by Lukes_photos

You may wonder; Why Denmark?

I'd like to learn more about Denmark, its culture, art, food, architecture and more. I've also heard that Danes are happiest people on earth (by statistics). Although Denmark is quite small country and similar to Finland, it has lots of things to see and experience. Another reason to go to Denmark is that it has good access to other countries e.g. Sweden, England, Germany, Holland and Poland.

It would be fun to learn danish and meet new people. Another good point for exchange is that Denmarks universities are respected around the world. Through a exchange I can make connections with Danes and maybe in the future I could return to Denmark for work. One of my dreams is to move to another country and be able to work and learn the culture on the aside.

My exchange would be in the spring semester 2017 and the duration would be about 6 months.

#exchange #abroad #Denmark #studentlife #2017 #adventure

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