Recent projects

An IoT project with ThingWorx
As my thesis work, I created a simple IoT project with ThingWorx-platform, Raspberry Pi 3 Model B and with various sensors. Link to my thesis below.
Digital Quest Book - Vaasan Latu ry
This Quest book replaced oldfashioned notebook and pencil. This Quest book can be accessed with QR-codes from the Vaasan Latu's trails. This solution is created with MySQL, PHP, Bootstrap jQuery and JavaScript. This project was part of a course and was featured in YLE news. Link to the YLE news article below.
Flappy Bird inspired Birdy-game
This project was created for HTML & Animation -course, where I learned to do animation with Adobe Animate CC and Flash. This project was fun and creative.
Collage picture
A final work for my Tools for Graphic Production -course. Pictures are from Flickr and the collage was made with Adobe Photoshop CC 2016.
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