About Me



My name is Niina. Originally I'm from Kurikka. I've moved to Vaasa (2011) to study and explore life. So far I have been loving the seaside and the vivid student city.  


I have completed my Finnish Matriculation Examination in 2011 and I also have a diploma in Practical Nursing (2013). I've studied Swedish and nutrition science in university for a year but I realized that I want to pursue my career as an IT professional.


I have graduated successfully from Vaasa University of Applied Sciences (VAMK) with a degree in Bachelor of Business Administration (major in Information Technology). 


I've always wanted to challenge myself to do something new and exciting, that's how I ended up studying IT management. So far my journey has been rewarding and productive. 


In the future I'd like to be successful in my own field and discover job opportunities nationally and overseas.


As a young professional in IT my passions are responsive web design, software development and creating something fun and exciting.