AuroraHealth - WPF, XAML and C# e-commerce

AuroraHealth is a WPF, XAML and C# based online store. AuroraHealth sells health related products.

This online store was accomplished with MS Visual Studio.

The project was exciting because we were able to learn more about coding and e-commerce. I was excited to use WPF and XAML because it was so easy and fun! Though there was some puzzles to figure out, it was really fun to solve problems, find out new things and learn at the same time.

AuroraHealth's front page has the basic informations about the store. The footer is also visible when switched over to the Products page.

Front page

This is the continuation of the front page. There's few textboxes with information about the company as well as the terms of delivery.

Front page; About the company

Products page consist of list of products (XML), shopping cart, customer's information form, the verification of the order and acceptance of the terms of delivery. Customer chooses the product from the list, adds the amount of each product (Before adding the product to the shopping cart, the program counts the combined prize of the product(s) for the customer.) and adds the product to the shopping cart. Customers can remove products from the shopping cart as well as add a discount code to reduce the final total.

Products and shopping cart

Customer's information form:

Products and shopping cart page; Users information

Acceptance of the terms of delivery and confirmation of order:

Products and shopping cart page; Confirmation

If the customer doesn't approve the terms of delivery or forgets to check the "I Agree" -checkbox a error message will pop up. The same error message will appear when the customer hasn't added any product(s) to the shopping cart. (Please read the terms of delivery on the front page and check the "I Agree" ccheckbox. Make sure you have product(s) in your shopping cart.):

Error message

The customer gets a error message when the mentioned amount of product is not a numeric value. (The amount of the product must be numeric!):

Error message

When the customer has succesfully added the product(s) to the shoppping cart, added personal information and agreed the terms of delivery as well clicked the "Confirm" button, a confirmation message pops up to the window. The message includes a thank you note, content of order and final amount:

Confirmation of the order

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