Thrilling thesis

Now that my third year is starting in the fall, I have written down some ideas, hopes and things that I am interested in as well as what I want to learn from my thesis. It has helped me to somewhat "sketch" a possible agenda for my thesis. For now I have decided to go with development process, so how to define the project scope to how to get the product to users/your customer. And also I want to include the mindset of entrepreneurship to my thesis. I think this is going to be beneficial to me as well as challenging to really create something from scratch and along the way learn lots of new things.

I have brainstormed and gathered my own thoughts on my graduation. How I want to spend my last year or so and what I have left to do to graduate. Because I haven't decided yet if I am going to Denmark for a half a year, it would be a good opportunity but if I don't go that's fine too. Another good option is to do the thesis for a company, which would also be a amazing opportunity. I have to keep in mind that everything is still open to changes, nothing is set to stone.

Excitingly waiting for the fall.

#aspnet #net #c #thesis #IT #graduating #bachelorsdegree #softwaredevelopment #softwaredesign #agile

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